Creativity is as colorful as a rainbow, and so is an artists soul.

A teacher told me that, but I didn't understand it until years later. Hi... I’m Nicole Kiefer, author, designer, artist and so much more. I hope you ended up on this site on purpose. If not, I still invite you to stay a little, explore and maybe find what you were looking for in the end.

According to every guide for creating a good web-presence I should tell you about myself and try to be engaging. Thing is, I never know what to tell others about myself. In any conversation I wait until others engage me. Which, won't work on a website. Believe me, I tried. So, instead of going on and on about who I am, let me say it with one of my favorite songs.


I am also a mother, wife, daughter, and  animal lover. However, those parts are rather more private and unless it glances through in my writing, art or when I do talk about myself, I  usually don't say much about those areas. Still, my family is an  important part of my life and come first, even before my love for  writing, drawing or reading. They are a source of inspiration and the  power that thrives and nurtures me and my work. So, even if I don’t  write or talk much about them, they are part of everything I do, of  every success I have and they are the one that make me keep going even  when I feel like giving up.

If I had to describe myself in one  word it would be, eclectic. If you fee engaged now and want to know more about me feel free to explore each of the sides I am more then willing  to share with the world. If you decide you don’t want to explore then I wish you a good journey to wherever you are going.

Just a quick info, don’t get irritated when some of the links lead to my other website, like my online store, events page and such. Those are shared pages of both my websites and in order to safe some space I decided to link those rather then upload them double. I’m working on a better solution.


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