Time flies, doesn't it? One moment it’s summer and you’re busy working on a new book, design or on updating your websites, the next is’s a new year all together. Which is why I’m wishing you all a happy new year, let’s hope 2017 brings more joy and riches than the last.

Soooo..... what’s planned for this wonderful new year that might be of interest to you? Let’s see....

For those who haven’t noticed, The Immortal King, book 2 of the Utopian saga is published by now and available on Amazon. Which brings me to the first point for this year. I’m planning to publish the third book of the Utopian Saga, The Immortal God and with some luck book four as well.

Another thing I’m working on, or rather plan to work on, is the second book of the labeled series. Now that Donald Trump won the election and my fictional story became a possibility, I’m eager to continue with it, but world building takes time, especially when you want to jump a few hundred years into the future. If you havent’ read the first one, The Diaries of Kairie Lawless, you can order it at Amazon as ebook and paperback.

What else.... oh right. I should mention that I changed the name of my business from Nicole’s Word and Art world to Nicole Kiefer Design, since I now do more than book covers. For the last few weeks I worked on overhauling my website which is now live and showing you all the designs I have done and where to buy them as T-shirts, mugs, Iphone cases and much more. To make the stores, marketplaces and such easy to identify I designed this banner STORE BANNER 1000pix wherever you see it, is where my designs are being sold. Feel free to check it out. I design adult motives as much as for kids. From fantasy to little ocean creatures. If you’re looking for something for children I would suggest you check out my favorite character, Peachy the happy peach. For whitch I’m looking for a children's book author to team up with, or learn myself how to write a kids book, and give Peachy not only a line of merchandise, but books as well.

That is all I have come up with so far for 2017. However, it would be the first year in all my life where I don’t end up doing much, much more than what I planned. I’m sure that there will be stories that pop into my head, many more new blog posts with tips and tricks and endless amounts of new designs, book covers and who knows what else.

So... Let’s get started with 2017, and let it be a year that’s going well.


As many of you know, I’m not only an author but also a designer and now you can get my designs on many different kind of articles to order online. You can also contact me about custom designs for you.




I joined Books in the Know today (October 15/2016), a wonderful website for readers and authors alike. If you want to stay up to date on new releases, events and promotions signs up and put me and my books on your watchlist. If you are an author join as well and offer your readers the ultimate tool to stay up to date on your books, events, new releases and more...

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The Saga continues with The Immortal King

The Utopian Saga continues on December 1st with The Immortal King, which is now available for pre-order at Amazon

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Alastair and Lisa have returned to the estate in Scotland, but their journey is far from over, their adventure has only just begun. Years have passed while they were hidden away, healing and getting stronger. The world has changed and not for the better, darkness has spread and good is losing, hanging on by a threat. The time to fulfill the prophecy is now, or never but in order to fulfill it they need to find and resurrect Arthur, who is Alastair's half-brother and a traitor. The legends about the King far more glorious then the real deal, at least according to Alastair.

As if that wasn't enough, Lisa fears to be pregnant. Not that she wouldn't love to have Alastair's child, but hell could there be a worst timing? Still, she isn't sure so she might be lucky. Lots to do, no time to spare and the stakes are growing ever higher as their enemies start closing in.

If you fell in love with Alastair and Lisa, you will go nuts about Arthur's story, because he won't be alone for long either. One more book, one more couple,, but will it bring them closer to protect the human race from self-destruction? Well, if you want to know you have to read the book... sorry... pre-order now and safe with an introduction price of 1.99



the diaries of Kiarie Lawless 5 front small

Elections are always interesting, but this years US elections are extremely so. If caused by one candidate or the explosive combination of both is hard to say. In any case no election during my lifetime or any my parents can remember has caused this much anger, hatred, violence and extremes.

The Diaries of Kairie Lawless is the story of how the future might turn out if the wrong man/person become the next president and the violence and hatred seen during these elections keep up. History shows us what happens when the wrong combination of mad leadership, desperation and hatred come together. It also tells us that it happens over and over again. With this book I express the dark extremes of what there might to come, where this might lead and hopefully never truly will. Otherwise, people might blame me for writing the blue print.

It is also a story of strength and sacrifice. Telling how Kairie experiences the first suttle changes to the paint where Lando Rud takes over the country and changes it in his ideal country. With those he hates, homosexuals, transexuals, other religions but christians, other colored people then white and many more, end up in camps with the promise to be rehabilitated, to be changed so they can return to society. A promise that will never be fulfilled and Kairie is considered the worst of them all. Because she not only grew up in a mixed culture family, but supports, accepts and tolerates anyone.. After losing everything, her home, family, friends, way of life and even her last name, she soon finds herself in a situation where she has to make a choice. Go down, or fight back. Both can cost her, her life. But only one will bring down Lando Rud and restore the old, mixed up system of freedom to chose and be who you are. Can she and a new era of mass killing, mass slavery or will her sacrifice be in vain?

Order now on Amazon to find out.....



Well, time flies, doesn’t it? Some of you might think I fell from the face of earth, but no I simply was lost in a different world and that world was filled with work.. One of the things I worked on was a new story, which will be the start to a new trilogy. The Labeled Series, starting with The Diaries of Kairie Lawless. I’m planning on publishing it as soon as possible, since it reflects some of my fears and imagined nightmares of the current political situation in the US. It is still a work of fiction, and hopefully will stay that way.... otherwise call me Nostradamus and lock me away.

In addition to that I am working on getting the second book of the Utopian Saga ready for editing. You can stay on top of all those things if you follow me on Facebook, where I post regular status updates. The cover for both books are already done, well the one for The Diaries of Kairie Lawless is not completely done since I haven’t decided on a blurb yet. But a preliminary version is done.

the diaries of Kiarie Lawless          The Immortal King new withut picture

Soon you will find more information on both books, but for now that’s all I can offer you. If you are from around Killarney, you can find all my books in the local library.


Now Available and with a new Cover Design, The Immortal Druid get it on Amazon as E-book or Paperback or for free as part of the Kindle Unlimited program. 

The Immortal Druid second cover edition

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Want to be a beta reader?

I’m almost always looking for Beta Readers, for one novel or another. If you like reading and think you are good in finding plot holes, character flaws and inconsistencies, then enter the circle of Beta Readers.

Requirements are: age 18 or older

NOT having a problem with adult content, like gore, swear words, explicit sexual content and such

being able to read a full size novel in a month or less

Open and work on word documents, using comment function and track changes

be able to give constructive critique while being polite

Understanding copyright and that the material given to you is not to be shared, reproduced or published in any way, by anyone but me.

Spelling, grammar and punctuation are not your problem, you can fix them if you like but don’t have to. If you do fix them, make sure you activated track changes.

If you are interested contact me at author@nicolekiefer.com or over Facebook Messenger.

Projects needing Beta Readers at this point of time are: sorry nothing to beta-read at the moment










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